Resource Library

In order to help DKU students obtain effective career resources anytime and anywhere, Office of Career Services has created a Career Development Resource Library. In the Resource Library, students can access resume templates, cover letter writing guides, materials from previous Career Development Workshops, online event videos, etc., to gain more industry experience and improve their job searching skills.

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A resume is the summary of a job seeker’s career journey and a key tool for starting a new chapter in their career. By detailing educational background, professional experience, research accomplishments, and personal skills, resumes help us prove to employers that we are the right person for the job. To enhance the effectiveness of a resume, we need to carefully select information and ensure that each section is concise, relevant and easy to understand.

The Resource Library provides materials such as CV templates in English and Chinese, as well as a list of verb vocabulary that can be used as a reference when writing a CV, for your reference. DKU Career Services also provides personalized resume revision services to help students explore their strengths and increase the likelihood of getting an interview.

Cover Letter

A cover letter is a formal written document that is usually submitted to an employer along with a resume. Cover letters are usually more personalized and allow us to detail our past experiences and accomplishments while demonstrating our communication, leadership, and social skills. Compared to a resume, a cover letter provides more room for us to tell our story, explain any resume deficiencies, and discuss enthusiasm and motivation for the position. A good cover letter can significantly improve a job seeker’s chances of getting an interview. A guide to writing cover letters is available in the Resource Library for you to download.


Interview is a key part of the job search process and a two-way selection process between the employer and the job seeker. Employers examine the applicant’s personal background, work attitude, professional ability and potential value through direct conversation with the applicant, and finally assess the applicant’s suitability. During the interview, the employer will examine from the perspectives of application motivation, educational experience, professional experience, professional skills, personal planning, character traits, etc., and may also ask questions from the perspective of problem-solving ability and teamwork ability. Common forms of interviews include phone interviews, one-on-one interviews, panel interviews, group interviews, and so on.

The Resource Library has materials from past Career Development Workshops on the topic of “Preparing for the Interview” to help students improve their interviewing skills before the interview. Remember, practice makes perfect! You can also contact DKU Career Services for a mock interview.